7 Surprising Ways Weimaraners Are Like No Other Dogs

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Weimaraners originated in the 19th century in the Weimar region of Germany and so, inherited the name of the place. This breed of dog was trained to hunt bear, boar, deer, and other large animals. Their natural sniffing ability made them especially adept at their hunting job. Besides being excellent at sniffing, Weimaraners are sleek and move at lightning fast speeds.

What’s more, their alertness and intelligence make them the perfect companions for those with matching enthusiasm for outdoor activities and exercise.

Weimaraners are unique in that they combine beauty, brains, and athleticism in the perfect dosage.

Read on to know how this breed of dogs differs from others in 7 ways.

#1 Action, not words!

Weimaraners are as athletic as the fittest Tour de France contender.  They can keep up the pace for long distances at a good speed. It can’t be over-stressed that this breed of canines need their exercise. And they mean it!

#2 Relaxed evenings.

Weimaraners have been bred to hunt all day. But in the evenings, it’s for them to rest and relax at home by the fire beside their owners. After all, they need to store the energy to be up and about the next day!

#3 Born different.

Weimaraners are born with stripes and with blue eyes. However, the stripes disappear very soon, after a few days. The blue eyes also start to change their color as the pups grow up.

#4 The nosy nose.

Weimaraners are born with an exceptional sense of smell. This unique gift makes them winners every time they participate in any tracking game. Owners of other breeds of dogs joke that Weimaraners are such naturals that they shouldn’t be allowed to take part in such sports as it leaves other dogs no chance of winning.

#5 Uniquely grey.

The unique grey color of the Weimaraners has earned them the nickname of “Grey Ghost”. The name is even more fitting as they hunt down stealthily and without making any sound. Moreover, they have the power to cover up their scent. So, you won’t even know if your Weimaraner has been rolling in the mud or not!

#6 Deep devotion.

Weimaraners are deeply devoted to their owners. So much so that the puppies need to be trained from early on that there would be times when they would be left alone. They can’t stand being ignored and will be down and depressed if the master is busy with other activities.

#7 Training for life.

Weimaraners are very intelligent and mentally alert at all times. These qualities make them have a mind of their own. So, they need to be trained throughout their life so that they know who the master around the house is.

Are you the proud and active owner of a Weimaraner? Share your story with us about your special pet in the Comments section below!

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