Wife Mistakenly Brings Home A Coyote Instead Of A Dog, Husband Freaks Out!


Saving animal is an admirable job and everyone should do it. If you find an abandoned kitten or puppy on the side of the road, the least you can do it take it to a shelter.

It’d be best if you take it home and care for it. However, do make sure it’s a dog and not a coyote!

Justin Bogh felt exactly this way when his wife Kayala Eby sent him a picture of a cute little dog she found abandoned. Turns out It was a coyote and Justin’s reaction was absolutely priceless! There was a coyote in his house, sitting beside his kid. He even asked for a divorce!

In reality, Kayla – a preschool teacher from Seaside, Oregon – was pranking her husband through a series of photoshopped images.

Check out their conversation below!

Kayla Eby

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