Wild Magpie Changes the Life of an Injured Woman

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Sometimes a random act of kindness can change a person’s life.

Sam Bloom, an adventurer at heart, suffered an accident that took her ability to walk. She went to Thailand with her husband Cameron and their three boys on vacation, and it ended up changing her life forever. After a dip in the ocean, they decided to order a juice on the roof patio of their hotel. Leaning on an unstable railing that gave way under pressure, she fell 18-feet below onto a hard tiled floor.

That event changed her life permanently.

Meet Penguin.


The accident broke her back and fractured her skull, causing a massive brain bleed and swelling. Her return trip was canceled and she had to stay in the hospital for the next seven months. The final nail in the coffin was hammered when the doctors informed her that she may never walk again.

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Then came ‘Penguin’, a magpie the family stumbled upon when they returned home. They named the bird—who had fallen out of a tree and welcomed it as a part of their family.

Nap time.




They had no idea that that tiny three-week-old magpie would change their lives so much!

The bird was in desperate need of love and care. She had to be fed three times a day and slowly started to get better.

The warm (and quirky) presence of Penguin brought a welcomed, positive vibe back to the family home. This especially affected Sam, who was still in recovery.





The Blooms knew it was a wild penguin, but they still made a nest for her in a laundry basket. Although a magpie can be messy (there is no such thing as potty training a bird), the Penguin truly was the sweetest companion.

“She was a great company,” Sam explains over the phone. “I was going crazy being stuck at home. She was always on my lap or shoulder. She was good for me because I would just talk to her and tell her what was going through my head.”

Cooking together.


Enjoying the View.


Sam fell into the habit of sharing her feelings with the magpie. She felt that her constant whining and frustrating behavior was making everyone uncomfortable.

Slowly but surely in Penguin’s presence, Sam’s mood slowly started to improve.

One day, the time came for the Penguin to leave the nest and almost one year ago, she flew away for the last time.

“Of course I miss her, but she came at a perfect time and left at a perfect time,” says Sam.



Music hour.


After Penguin left, Sam competed in the World Kayak Championship as a member of the Australian para-canoe team in Italy.

The family was obviously sad to see the magpie go, but they all admit that Penguin will always be a part of the Bloom Family.



Training Together.


The pictures you see are the work of Cameron, who is a professional photographer. It left them with the warm memories they shared. These incredible photos were compiled into a book and given life by New York Times best-selling author, Bradley Trevor Greive.

It’s amazing how an injured magpie who herself needed help ended up saving a woman and her family. The Bloom family will surely be grateful to the magpie forever.



Penguin with her family.


It just shows how the world works in mysterious ways.

See the Penguin Bloom book trailer.

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