Top 10 Parental Rules That Set a Good Family Apart From a Wise One

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Being a parent is never easy, especially when the kids are in their impressionable and formative years. There are many different schools of thought for bringing up kids the right way. However, what may be right to one parent may not work for others.

Many parents want to bring up their child to become future geniuses as if there is a script. But it doesn’t work like that, and no matter what they do, their kids end up being mediocre. However, other parents follow some basic guidelines that encourage their children’s endeavors and help them to be successful later on in life.

FeedFond has collected 10 illustrations that depict parental rules that differ for kids whose parents want them to be excellent as adults versus parents who focus on less important aspects.

#10 Rewards for Achievements

Parents who reward their child for any small achievement are likely to bring up kids who are confident and will excel in their chosen field. On the other hand, parents who don’t take much notice of their kids’ craft and sports achievements will tend to have children who won’t feel appreciated for their efforts.

#9 Positive Reinforcement

It’s better to reward a child for a corrective behavior rather than let it go unappreciated and unrewarded. From early on, children will learn which actions earn them “brownie points”. So, instead of taking something away from them, give them something when they correct their behavior.

#8 Both Parents Are Leaders

Children learn from early on who’s “the boss” in the house. Traditionally, men have been given the title of “Man Of The House”. However, with changing times, it’s important to teach children that both parents are leaders of the family. Therefore, whatever the child does is of lesser importance. That’s how children will learn to do things for themselves, instead of depending only on their parents to get things done.

#7 Lines That Can’t Be Crossed

Parents of future geniuses never allow their kids to behave badly with them. Instead of coaxing and cajoling, they take a tough stand until the kid learns lessons from their mistakes.

#6 Let Kids Be Kids

Some parents run behind their kids the whole day, telling them “Don’t touch this!” or “Don’t do that!” But wise parents know that kids should be allowed to be kids and to let all their energy out. When they grow up, they will be more restrained and level-headed.

#5 Tidiness Is NOT A Sign Of A Genius

Many parents scold their children for being untidy. They don’t stop to think that children are untidy because they are yet to reach a certain level of understanding. And that it’s okay to be untidy sometimes. However, it’s also important to teach them WHY they should opt for cleanliness. Given the right logic, children will understand the importance in no time.

#4 Dirt Is Good

It’s good to play in the mud or get paint all over their clothes—that’s how children will learn, by getting their hands dirty. Moreover, children who are cut out to be geniuses will not be bothered at all by the exterior. It’s foolish of parents to try to keep their kids neat and tidy ALL the time.

#3 Learn To Trust

Assign a job to the kid and leave them alone to do it—that’s what parents of future geniuses do. They don’t look behind their shoulder all the time to check whether or not the kid is doing the job right. They have enough trust in them. This attitude of parents helps bring up reliable and responsible kids.

#2 There’s Always a Second Time. Or Even a Third.

Kids won’t get things right the very first time they try it. They should be given chances to try things in different ways or be given multiple tries. Discouraging children will only make them hesitant in the future.

#1 Reward Independence

While some parents teach their children they can do anything, wise parents teach their kids that they can do anything BY THEMSELVES.  From early years, it’s essential that kids are taught to be independent so that later on in life, they can be self-sufficient.

Would you rather be a wise family or a good one? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below. Read more on parenting here  11 Questions Asked By Children That Always Leaves Parents Baffled and Does Birth Order Really Shape Our Personality or Is It An Assumption?

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