10 Church Signs For The Masses That Are Both Witty And Wise


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Churches in Europe are known for their historical value and mind-blowing architecture. However, churches in America are known for their clever front lawn signs.

Churches use humorous signs to draw in the potential faithful or simply just to put a smile on a passerby.  But not all messages are funny. Some are deep and powerful meaning embedded in them.

Reducing fundamental truths into small sayings that fit into a small lawn sign is no small task. Surely these churches deserve a shout out!

Scroll through the pictures below and see how churches get creative with their signs.

Don’t forget to vote for the ones you think deserves the most “praise”.

#1 Listen and silent are spelled with the same letters.

#2  Love should not have exceptions

#3 It sure feels like heaven.

#4 Or, you know, the cops.

#5 Why not make every day Thanksgiving Day?

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#6 Be the person your dog thinks you are

#7 Wow, really?

#8 Expelliarmus

#9 Generosity is the spirit!

#10 OH SNAP.

Share the Laughs and the Wisdom!

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