What Women In Love Do. #1 Is A Sign You Should Marry Her.

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What women say and what they mean can be very different things at times. For guys, this is a bit tricky as sometimes you might feel that you should be a mind-reader or go to a fortune teller to know if your love interest feels the same way about you.

Worry no more! Here are 11 things that women who are truly in love do. So, read on and take note!

#11 Her gifts to you are meaningful.

When it’s obvious that she spent a good amount of thought and time to buy something for you, take it as a positive sign. Women who are iffy about the relationship will not go to great lengths to pick a gift for a man.

#10 She makes more time for you. And you only.

A woman in love will focus more and more on her love interest and will not hang out with or date other guys. When people are on the lookout for a mate, they may go dates with several different people. But once women have their mind set on someone, it’s adios for the other suitors.

#9 Planning for two.

If she’s really into you, she’ll start making plans that includes you both. If it’s a weekend getaway or a movie she wants to catch, she’ll include you in her plans. She’d want to do everything with you.

#8 She uses “we”.

To show you further that you’re a team, she will use “we” in all her conversations. The lady in love will not think of any situation in which you’re not involved together as a combined force.

#7 You’re always on her mind.

Chances are that she’s thinking of you every waking hour. She’ll be absent-minded as you are the only one in her mind and her heart.

#6 She loves the unique bits about you.

If she laughs at your oddities, then she’s definitely into you. You might have some habit that makes you the butt of the joke among your family or friends. But to her, it’s a unique thing about you which she loves.

#5 She misses you and lets you know.

Even though you were together just five minutes back, she’ll still look for you and let you know that she wants to be by your side every single moment.

#4 Acting silly.

Letting her hair down and acting silly when you’re around are sure signs that she has so much trust in you that she can let down her guard. She wants you to see the real her and be comfortable.

#3 Self-conscious.

You’ll find her patting her hair down or wearing her best. That’s because she wants to put her best foot forward when you’re around and so tries to look her best. So she gets somewhat self-conscious as she want you to see her in the best light.

#2 How much is enough?

Yes, that’s a question for her. Enough is not enough for her. She wants to be with you ALL the time and waste a single second without you.

#1 Spilling the beans.

The lady will let you know how she feels about you without mincing words. She wants the whole world to know and can’t wait to get her feelings reciprocated.

Would you like to share any other signs that a woman truly in love shows? Feel free to write in the Comments section below! Tune into 10 Kinds Of Men That Women Absolutely Can’t Resist.

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