10 Reasons Amazing Women Have A Hard Time Finding The Perfect Date

So you are hanging out with your friends and they introduce you to that one woman who is just right out of the dreams. You can’t help but wonder how and why she is single! Well, this is why:

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1) She will not compromise

Trust me when I say this, a woman of that caliber knows her own worth and will not compromise or accept anything substandard. Like all other aspects of life, she has set benchmarks for her partner and if a man is not up to it, there is no way he has a chance with her.

2) She has a spark of her own craziness

Men who are worried about what society will think about them and their partner, steer clear of these ladies. She has her own eccentricities and just doesn’t care about what you think. She is impulsive, free-spirited and downright weird (at times) and it all stems from the fact that she is very comfortable in her own skin. As Tim Burton put it,

Mad Hatter: “Have I gone mad?”

Alice: “I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But, I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

3) She’s passionate

She does everything from the deepest core of her heart. If upset, she will cry her lungs out and if she is happy, she will laugh to the point of tears. If she is pissed off, there is a high chance that she will scream and give hell to the person who caused it, to the point where he is forced to pack his bags and go home. It’s just how she is full of zest and zeal, living and feeling every moment of life to the fullest.  So, quite frankly, this overwhelms a lot of men.

4) Many men feel intimidated by her fervor

For all that she is—her brains and her words, the strength that she possesses, the confidence that she radiates, the carefree nature that she displays—she intimidates men who are not yet mature.

5) Those invisible wings

She has wings of her own and she values her independence. Moreover, she expects the same from her partner. Most men like to be needed in a relationship, the fact that she does not need someone to take care of her may hurt the ego of some men.

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6) Dreams that drive:

She wakes up every day to fulfill her dreams—dreams that are not limited to men or dating. They are more than that. It could be a dream to travel the world or to spread love to those who are deprived or marginalized in society. Whatever it is, she has dreams and hopes and she lives for them. She knows her dreams make her who she is and hence, she wakes up every day to make them come true.

7) The bullshit detector

From her experiences in life, she has a built-in-bullshit detector—she knows if a guy is trying to be smooth and sweet talk her.  Guys should not even think about putting a nice sweet coat of honey over those lies—those lies are no match for her detector. She just expects her partner to have a good sense of integrity and a healthy amount of respect for her. And if a man does not respect her, he cannot expect her to up with him.

8) Piercing eyes:

Her eyes can see through a person’s presentation and hence, she will point out to things that need improvement.  She is constantly challenging herself to be better and she will also challenge her partner to be the best version of himself. She expects him to embrace and handle his own vulnerabilities as well as flaws. This is something that a lot of men aren’t ready to face.

9) Of changes and risks:

These women are not afraid of risks or afraid to change, which can be scary for some men as they feel that their position in her life is threatened. That is not true. Just because the lady is a risk taker and has a love for adventure, it does not mean she will neglect her partner.

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10) Pristine love:

When she finally does fall in love, because it is in her nature to do everything with so much passion, her love for the right man will be just as strong and as passionate.

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