Meet The Biggest Babies Ever To Be Born On Earth!

Every expecting parent hopes their child will be healthy and normal when born. Seeing as no two pregnancies are the same, it’s completely normal for women to give birth to newborns of all different weights.

A healthy normal newborn usually weighs between 5.5 and 10 pounds—with an average of 7.5 pounds. In the case of additional pregnancies, it’s normal for the weight of the baby to vary.

It’s one thing when a baby is underweight, but how about giving birth to a 15 or 19-pound baby? There have been actual cases when moms gave birth to huge babies, similar in weight to the size of 6-12 month-old.

Often mothers are blamed for the size of babies. Accusations vary from having diabetes, severely overweight or an unhealthy diet during pregnancies. While sometimes it’s true but in most cases, the anomaly can’t be explained by science.

Check out these huge babies who tipped the scales after birth, surprising their parents and hospital staff!

# 13.2 Pounds: Australia (Baby Boy)

Ziad Kadic was Breanna Sykes’s first baby. The doctors at Joondalup Health Campus advised Sykes not to push during delivery—they had to do an emergency C-section. Both the mother and baby were fine after the operation. Doctors from the whole hospital came by to check out the baby boy.

# 13.4 pounds: Germany (Baby Girl)

Jasleen made the national record as the biggest baby born vaginally. She took the title from Jihad, born in November 2011. Jasleen’s mother had gestational diabetes which wasn’t caught during the pregnancy period. Born on July 26, 2013, at the University Hospital in Leipzig, she measured 22.6 inches long at birth. Both mother and daughter were kept in the hospital longer than usual, just to be safe.

# 14.77 pounds: India (Baby Boy)

This almost 15-pound baby was born to a 36-year-old Firdausi Khatun in November of 2015. This was her 9th child… Surprisingly, the labor period only lasted 15 minutes. Her previous children were all home birthed. The father rushed Khatun to the hospital when he realized this was going on a different track. Both mom and baby were given the all-clear by the hospital staff before discharge.

# 14.8 pounds: Connecticut, USA (Baby Boy)

Stephon Hendrix Louis-Jean weighed 14.8 pounds at birth. Prior to his arrival, Marie Michel had given birth to 4 other children,  but all of them were under 8 pounds. Hendrix broke the 18-year standing hospital record by 1 pound and 13 ounces. David Kalla, the doctor who performed a cesarean section for delivery described the baby as ‘built like a linebacker’.

# 15.0 pounds: Romania (Baby Girl)

Luciana was born on August 29, 2009, as the biggest baby born in Romania! Her mother, 39-year-old Livia Rodica Muntianu was stunned when the doctor informed her of the news. She previously had given birth to 9 babies,  none even close to Luciana in weight. Both mother and daughter left days after the delivery with a clean bill of health.

# 15.0 pounds: Australia (Baby Girl)

Tiarla Elekana was born in Australia in July of 2011, two weeks before the delivery date. The doctor who delivered the baby joked, “Congratulations! You’ve just had a toddler.” while handing the newborn to her mum. She didn’t believe the size of the baby at first but was overjoyed in becoming a mother and content as her child was healthy and safe. Tiarla is one of the biggest babies ever born in Australia.

# 15.0 pounds: India (Baby Girl)

Doctors and staff were shocked when a 19-year-old Nandini, gave birth to a 15-pound baby girl. The teenage mother had no health issues, nor was she obese. The doctors kept the baby girl in neonatal care for observation. Thankfully, all health checks came back clean and both mother and daughter have been in good health since leaving the hospital.

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# 15.7 pounds: United Kingdom (Baby Boy)

Little ‘big’ George weighed 15.7 pounds at the time of his birth. He was an unplanned pregnancy and his parents were only 21 years old at the time. Jade, the mother, planned a home birth but little did she know what was growing inside of her! The doctor also didn’t really give any indication as to the baby’s size. However, when George’s head got stuck in the birth canal, Jade ended up with a late epidural and it took 20 medical personnel to help remove the baby.

# 15.52 pounds: China (Baby Boy)

Chun Chun was born in 2012 via C-section. His 29-year-old mother, Wang Yujuan, didn’t suffer from any health issues like diabetes and obesity. She assumed that the baby would be a bit larger judging by her belly size. Both parents were glad a healthy baby boy was born. The father told the local media his wife maintained a normal diet. He was also excited that his son was born right after the Chinese New Year—The Year of the Dragon.

# 16.0 pounds: Texas, USA (Baby Boy)

Keeping true to the saying everything is big in Texas, JaMichael was born at the Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview, Texas, weighing in at 16 pounds. The consulting doctor, Dr. Kirk, was equally surprised along with the parents as the baby weighed much more than anticipated. The father, Michael Brown, was proud of his son to be the biggest baby to be born in the hospital and even in Friendship State. He even joked to the news crew, “They call him Moose.”

# 16.1 pounds: California, USA (Baby Boy)

Sammisano Joshua Talai Otuhiva, born in August of 2014, takes the title of the largest baby ever born in the Golden State. All the doctors and nurses failed to guess the weight of Joshua and were surprised when the baby came out the size of an average 6-month-old. The hospital didn’t even have diapers that fit him properly!

# 17.0 pounds: Brazil (Baby Boy)

Ademliton dos Santos is by far the heaviest baby to be born in Brazil. His mother, Fransisca Ramos dos Santos, suffered from gestational diabetes while she was pregnant. Ademilton is her 5th child. After his birth, he was given oxygen externally for breathing problems and glucose to stabilize his blood sugar levels. The doctors said that other than those minor problems, the baby was healthy.

# 17.1 pounds: Siberia (Baby Girl)

Nadia Khalina was born to Tatyana Khalina on September 26, 2007. She joined her 8 sisters and 3 brothers and was by far the biggest at birth. She is the pride and joy of her family and the city of Barnaul. The entire city celebrated her birth when she broke the record of the largest baby born in both weight and size at birth.

# 19.2 pounds: Indonesia (Baby Boy)

Akbar Risuddin was born on September 21, 2009, and holds the title for the biggest baby born in the world to date. Her birth drew major crowds when the news spread and everyone came to see the 24-inch-long baby boy. The mother, Ani, went through a 40-minute cesarean delivery. She was diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy. However, she was worried she wouldn’t be able to afford to feed the big baby because of his size. Akbar, in the Indonesian language, means ‘Big’.

# 23.1 pounds: North Carolina, USA (Twins)

In most cases, twin births weigh on the small side. It’s only natural when two babies are taking up space in one mom’s body. The average size of twins weighs around 11 pounds or 5.5 pounds each. But these twins from North Carolina broke the record coming at just over 23 pounds. The boy, Sean, weighed almost 11 pounds and his sister, Abigail, weighed just over 12 pounds. The mother went through a C-section and the twins were delivered 2 minutes apart. All three of them are in excellent condition.

Would you believe us if we say that hospital researchers say there were an even bigger pair of twins born in Arkansas over a century age in 1927 totaling 27 pounds and 12 ounces?

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