Check Out Which Disney Princess You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

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Astrology is such a wonderful thing! Based on the position of planets, sun and the moon at the time of our birth, these components can give us a glimpse into a person’s personality, characteristics, preferences—even flaws and fears!

It doesn’t stop there! These components can also make various predictions. How well will you get along with other people? Will your romantic relationships work out or not? And so much more…

Sometimes these predictions are so accurate, it’s scary!

So to give this a fun twist, FeedFond presents how your zodiac sign can actually align your personality traits to a Disney Princess! Simply identify your zodiac sign and check if your traits resemble those of Jasmine, Belle, Elsa or maybe even Pocahontas?

#12 Aries – Princess Jasmine

Aries are known for being bold and determined. They are confident and their courage shines through in everything they do. However, they are also impatient, moody and aggressive. While these traits can sometimes lead to their downfall,  it also makes them excellent in leadership roles.


Princess Jasmine from Aladdin is a perfect example of an Aries. Her confident, go-getter attitude is one of the reasons Aladdin is so attracted to her. She rebelled when pressured into a marriage, which shows us both the positive and negative sides of an Aries. In the end, her independent, strong will earn her freedom and the one she wants.

#11 Taurus – Princess Cinderella

Tauruses are devoted. This devotion installs an unwavering stability and responsibility within. However, it also makes them possessive and uncompromising. They give their all and expect the same in return.


Amongst all Disney Princess, Cinderella from Cinderella is the most responsible. She is obedient and patient. She cleaned the house everyday without any gratitude. Also, she found the perfect partner in Prince Charming, who is just as loving and devoted.

#10 Gemini – Princess Anna

People who fall under this star sign are nothing if not adaptable. IN addition to  their flexibility, they are also curious and affectionate. Sometimes their adaptability gives birth to nervousness and indecisiveness. However, they make it up by being excellent social butterflies.


Princess Anna from Frozen is hungry for new experiences and dives into situations head-first. Paired with her curiosity towards strangers, this sometimes gets her into trouble. But it also leads to epic adventures, one in which she meets Kristoff. She loves companionship and hates being alone.

#9 Cancer – Princess Merida

People under the cancer star sign are the most imaginative and determined. Besides being loyal and sympathetic, they also push themselves to be the best, beyond life’s normal milestones. Meanwhile, the negatives of cancers include being manipulative and suspicious. This results in a nagging, pessimistic personality. But in the end, cancers are happiest  when they can help a loved one.


Princess Merida from Brave defies the tradition of marrying, as expected, and climbs to greater heights—following her heart. She is also skilled with a bow and arrow. Despite disagreeing with her mother, she loves her with all her heart.

#8 Leo – Princess Rapunzel

Leos are warm-hearted people, a result of being one of the fire signs. What shines through most of all is their cheerful personality. The added creativity  and passion makes them the center of attention everywhere. However, they can also be arrogant, self-centered and stubborn about changes. They hate being ignored, but that rarely happens.


Princess Rapunzel from Tangled catches everyone’s attention with her quirky personality. She is capable of taking care of herself, but can be flighty at times. She shares her desire to be free like many other Disney princesses. Most of all, her laughs and cheerfulness puts everyone at ease.

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#7 Virgo – Princess Snow White

Virgos are born hardworking and practical. While they sometimes come across as being analytical, they are extremely kind. Virgos  are extremely loyal in their relationships. However, they are very hard on themselves, and often end up working too hard. They are too shy for the spotlight,  but they  love animals, nature, and are very big on hygiene and being clean.


Princess Snow White from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs is one of the sweetest princesses in Disney. She agreed to living in the wild—despite being a princess—and didn’t want attention or adventure. She made herself useful around the house while living with the dwarfs. Her faith in the seven dwarfs was unshakable.

#6 Libra – Princess Tiana

Libras are the fairest of all zodiac signs. They tend to think about how their actions will affect other people. Libras are diplomatic and cooperative. But, sometimes they can carry a deep grudge. They don’t like confrontation and tend to hold negative feelings inside. They may come across as being indecisive because they need to take time to think and consider decisions. Libras are gracious, even towards people they don’t like, and they get along with everyone. They dislike loudmouths and injustice.


Princess Tiana of The Princess and the Frog easily gets lost in her work. She was trying to turn a rundown sugar mill into a restaurant. While perusing her restaurant ambitions, she gets turned into a frog Later, she learns that her need for love is greater than any success or achievement.

#5 Scorpio – Princess Elsa

Scorpios are brave and resourceful, Which  often builds  excellent leadership. They are also intentional about keeping friendships alive for a long time. The courage they possess sometimes makes them stubborn, distrustful and suspicious of anyone outside their circle. In addition, they have a hard time letting people in—but once they are in, they’re in.


Princess Elsa from Frozen is a brave and independent woman. However, she doesn’t let people in—not even her sister. Her secretive nature poses  many difficulties in the movie, but she overcomes them and grows into an excellent leader.

#4 Sagittarius: Princess Ariel

People under this star sign have a great sense of humor. They are idealistic and generous; they always keep those closeby uplifted with their childlike wonderment and personality. However, Sagittarius; they are known to bite off more than they can handle. Thisresults in impatient behavior and a strong desire to be free from constraints.


Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid is an ideal Sagittarius. She is rash, and certainly isn’t the responsible type. Her naïve goals led to underestimating Ursula. Although it all worked out in the end, her impulsive behavior put her in a tight spot for a while. However, her desire to be a human led her to embrace a life-changing adventure.

#3 Capricorn: Princess Belle

Disciplined—this is the most suitable word to describe Capricorns. They have incredible self-control, can shoulder responsibility and practice  good manners. This can sometimes make them seem stuck up; they may come across as a little condescending. They can be very unforgiving and a bit of know-it-all. However, they value family and strictly maintain status quo.


Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast is the most responsible Disney princess. She loves reading and has strong family values. She is a bit judgmental—including her suitor Gaston and the Beast. However, she moved past her first impression and later fell in love with the Beast.

#2 Aquarius: Princess Pocahontas

Aquarius are independent and progressive. They think and make decisions on their own rather than be influenced by others. They care deeply for the lives and wellbeing of all Earth’s creatures—this results in an uncompromising and unshakeable belief. Sometimes they can’t see past their own opinions. However, they are happy to help others and fight for a cause they believe in.


Princess Pocahontas from Pocahontas is strong-willed, as any other Aquarius. Her around the preservation of nature n did not waver when the settlers came. Instead, she came forward and taught  them about the beauties of nature. She didn’t accept the new way of life and stayed true to her core beliefs till the end.

#1 Pisces: Princess Aurora

People under this star sign are artistic, compassionate and wise beyond their years. These traits make them intuitive and enables them to, easily read other people’s moods. However, this also makes them overly trusting, sad and desperate to escape reality and be alone. To deal with the harsh realities of life, they seek music or other artistic measures.


Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty is compassionate and gentle. She wanted to escape reality but it caught up with her. Her overly trusting attitude led her to an eternal sleep. Thankfully, true love broke the spell. If she was a little more careful, she might’ve met her Prince Charming while dancing in the woods!


What zodiac sign do you relate to? Share with us! Don’t forget to check out the 15 Male Versions of Disney Princesses That Will Make You Say WOW!

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